Jessica McGuinn

We are so excited to highlight Jessica McGuinn as our Client Services Liaison of the Month. She works at Paradigm Properties to successfully  integrate Building Impact’s Programming. Thank you for all your work and for taking the time to give back to our communities! Learn more about Jessica below.

  1. What is your favorite part of serving as our BI partner?
    My favorite part of serving as a BI partner is the opportunity it gives me to work alongside and collaborate with Paradigm’s clients and the BI team to help the community. It has been a great way to get everyone together for a common purpose.

    2.What have you found most helpful in increasing employee/tenant engagement in the program?
    Talking to individuals in the building, mentioning the program, and getting them excited has been the most helpful way to increase engagement in the programs. Having the programs next to wherever the food for lunch is helps!

    3.What positive impact has participation in the program brought to your workplace and the community?
    While I have only been at Paradigm and working with BI for a few months, I can already tell there’s not only an increased awareness of giving back to the community, but also desire to help and volunteer. I’m excited to see this participation grow in the next couple of months!

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