Nichol Goldstein, Ambassador of the Month

Nichol Goldstein, Ambassador of the Month

Ambassador the the Month Nichol Goldstein graphic

Ambassador of the Month Nichol Goldstein graphic

Nichol Goldstein

Ambassador for Kaspersky Labs

Building Impact works with our dedicated ambassadors, points of contacts for different companies, to make sure our programing works for their office! This month, we celebrate a new ambassador Nichol Goldstein from Kaspersky Labs in Woburn because she goes above and beyond to stay involved and rally her coworkers! Thank you to Nichol for all of you hard work. To learn more read the interview below!

1.What is your favorite part of serving as our BI partner?

Building Impact makes it easy for our company to make an impact in our community. Their options touch on a wide variety of charities and activity types so we can look to engage a wider audience of our employees. Their staff is always a joy to work with and I consider them an extension of my team.

2.What have you found most helpful in increasing employee engagement in the program?

Employee engagement is always a challenge, as our day can become so filled with to-dos, it becomes hard to carve out time for additional meaningful activities. I try to come up with a balance of email invitations to the team, flyers posted in main areas and also speaking directly with people who I know love to be involved in charity work. We could always have more people join, but I always strive for an attendance to the event that I can be proud of! We also set goals in each of our events to make sure we’re helping as much as possible in the time we’re dedicating.

3.What positive impact has participation in the program brought to your workplace and the community?

As we’re an anti-virus security company, our CEO is always talking about ‘Saving the World’ from cyber threats. Out staff is happy that we take that a step further and ‘save the world’ a little closer to home, one event at a time.

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