Nicole Silberman, Ambassador of the Month

Nicole Silberman, Ambassador of the Month

Nicole Silberman, Ambassador of the Month

Nicole is our ambassador for our partner BHPK! She not only advocates community service to her employees, but she also shows a dedication to strengthening our communities! Thank you Nicole for being such a great ambassador. To learn more about Nicole, read the questions below!

  1. What is your favorite part of serving as our BI partner?  

My favorite part of working with Building Impact is simply being able to volunteer within my work day on projects that benefit so many deserving organizations. I work full time and have a 17-month old daughter at home so my time outside of work is limited!

  1. What have you found most helpful in increasing employee engagement in the program?

BHPK has been working with Building Impact for over three years, and I’ve found that the longer we’re involved, the easier it is to get people interested in our monthly events.  They remember organizations we’ve worked with, or projects we’ve done, and they look forward to taking part – not only every month, but every year as certain projects recur.  The variety of projects offered also helps tremendously – some months we might be stuffing envelopes; other months we may be assembling care packages or making cat toys for the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  There is something for everyone.

  1. What positive impact has participation in the program brought to your workplace and the community?

Building Impact has allowed us, as a group, to give back in even the smallest of ways on a monthly basis.  Like me, I find that so many of my colleagues want to volunteer but their schedules don’t permit them to do so or they don’t know where to begin.  These projects may take just an hour of our day but they’re a wonderful reminder for us of how much we can accomplish when we work together.

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