Sarah Merrigan, Ambassador of the Month

Sarah Merrigan, Ambassador of the Month

Ambassador of the Month_Sarah Merrigan

One of our ambassadors of the month, Sarah Merrigan!

Sarah Merrigan

Sarah Merrigan, our ambassador of the Mount Vernon Company, is one of our ambassadors of the month. Thank you for all your hard work to better your community. To learn more about Sarah, read her answers below!

1.What is your favorite part of serving as our BI partner?

My favorite part of serving as a BI partner is the ability to take a step back from my day to day work and do something that helps someone else. Our lives are so busy and BI makes it very easy to serve the community while still being able to keep up with work.

2.What have you found most helpful in increasing employee engagement in the program?

I think most employees want to help out the community but they don’t have a lot of time. Usually we offer lunch and a break from the day, and our people are very eager for the opportunity to give back, that’s it’s not a difficult decision for them.

3.What positive impact has participation in the program brought to your workplace and the community?

Our employees bond and connect as a team on non-work related things which is invaluable. After every event I find most employees are able to reflect on a greater purpose outside of our careers, which is important.

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