Shelly Just, Property Manager of the Month

Shelly Just, Property Manager of the Month


Shelly Just, Paradigm Properties, Property Manager of the Month

Shelly Just, Property Manager of the Month

This month we are recognizing Shelly Just of Paradigm Properties as our Property Manager of the month! Shelly has been an instrumental part of promoting Building Impact’s programming throughout our buildings with Paradigm Properties. Thank you for all your hard work. To learn more about Shelly’s work with BI, read her answers below!

  • What is your favorite part of serving as our BI partner?

My favorite part of partnering with BI is the ability to provide my tenant-clients with opportunities to volunteer and give back to their communities without them having to think about the coordination aspect or even leave their office. The volunteer opportunities are always well-received and it’s very rewarding for me to be able to offer this amenity to the tenant-clients in my buildings.

  • What have you found most helpful in increasing employee/tenant engagement in the program?

As a property manager, I have found that being involved with my tenant-clients is the best way to promote their engagement with the program. I maintain good communication and try to present every volunteer opportunity with enthusiasm. I also make the effort to personally participate in opportunities with them whenever I can.

  • What positive impact has participation in the program brought to your workplace and the community?

Building Impact brings a sense of community to the building. I’ve found everyone is willing to help and often looking for ways to volunteer, but with busy work schedules, families, and lives outside of the office it is hard to find the time or ways to get involved. Building Impact helps put a pause on our busy day and carve out time to give back to some really great causes. It’s a great program that fosters a sense of togetherness and connection, both with our colleagues/building-mates and with the surrounding community.

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